Weld RE5J School District

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Master Plan Information

Looking for information concerning the master plan process in Weld RE-5J School District? Here you can find various presentations and information surrounding the master planning process and next steps.
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Superintendent's September Message

There are so many reasons to be excited about the new school year.

Students attending a Weld RE-5J elementary school can look forward to interactive, engaging instruction. In the year ahead, they’ll have the opportunity to own their own learning and make choices aligned with their unique needs and interests. Those attending Milliken Middle School will hone their research, public speaking, and teamwork skills. This year will bring many opportunities to explore their passions and interests through a variety of elective courses, clubs, sports, and technology and arts programming. For Roosevelt High School (RHS) students, it’s time to explore career options and get ready for college. Concurrent enrollment, Advanced Placement, and Honors courses engage students in a college-level curriculum and offer the opportunity to earn college credits.
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