No matter what grade a child is in, across the district and at every level, we’re committed to providing students with thoughtful, challenging opportunities and to encouraging them to set ambitious goals for themselves and to know what success is and how to achieve it. Ultimately, we want all students to be able to achieve high expectations, become lifelong learners, and be setup to achieve success after high school on whatever path they choose.
At the start of the new school year, I want to take a moment to acknowledge our extraordinary educators who, every day, align their instruction to address the distinct learning levels, interests, and aspirations of our students. As one RHS student council member said recently, “RHS teachers are supportive and involved in our success. They care about us reaching our goals and being successful as much as we do.”
In Weld RE-5J we are committed to making a positive impact on our community today and far into the future. We want our students to be proud of where they came from and where they went to school. That’s why, this year, we’re focusing on energizing and engaging our entire community. We’ll do that in two important ways: (1) sharing stories of success that shine a light on our students and schools, and (2) asking for your input into and engagement in assessing the district’s facility needs and identifying resources that align with those needs.
This summer, we held a community meeting to share information and answer questions about Weld RE-5J’s enrollment trends and facility needs. While enrollment in our district is virtually flat and expected to grow only 1.8% each school year from 2017‒2022 – we are close to capacity at RHS. In addition, we’ve identified nearly $40 million in high-priority facility maintenance and repairs. In October, we’ll hold a second community meeting to discuss these and other related issues. This will kick off a year-long process of seeking input from the community that could result in the Board of Education requesting funding from voters in November 2018.
Again, there are so many reasons to be excited about the new school year. I encourage you to share your perspective on how the year is going through our email account, . We will share the date of the community meeting with you next month and hope to see you in October.