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2018 Potential Bond Election

Last school year an outside firm evaluated district facilities. The result of that evaluation was $116.6 million in recommended maintenance and repairs, $38 million of which was classified as high priority. The Long Range Planning Committee also studied enrollment trends in the district. Enrollment is virtually flat and projected to grow by less than 2% every year, for the next five years.

Even with such little increase in enrollment, Roosevelt High School is nearing capacity, and according to the district survey last spring, which garnered more than 900 responses, more than 60% of the respondents feel that the middle school and high school are overcrowded. Seventy percent feel that these schools need facility updates or renovations, and 50% feel that the need to replace the high school is urgent. Combined with the needs identified in the facility assessment last year, these results have prompted us to launch an effort to engage our community and explore potential districtwide facility improvements. These improvements would be funded through bond and mill levy override initiatives that the Weld RE-5J Board of Education may ask voters to consider in November 2018.

A Facility Improvements Task Force will study three potential packages for the ballot:

  • Package one includes a new high school, a transportation center, critical maintenance projects, and a mill levy override.
  • Package two includes a high school addition, renovations to the middle school, critical maintenance projects, and a mill levy override.
  • Package three only includes critical maintenance projects.

Projects for Knowledge Quest Academy’s schools will be considered in all three packages. As a part of the evaluation, the Task Force will consider the financial implications for the district and the impact on taxpayers.

The Task Force, Design Leadership Team (DLT), and District Accountability Committee (DAC) will all play a role in studying the potential packages over the next several months. To inform the work of the Task Force, the community will have the opportunity to weigh in on these packages in a survey in the early part of 2018. The Board of Education will consider a recommendation from the Task Force in spring 2018, as well as broader stakeholder input, before it makes a decision on referring an issue to the ballot. The district will hold another meeting in the spring to hear from the community. We also encourage you to share your thoughts with the school disstrict, in real time, at listen@weldre5j.org.
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