Weld RE5J School District

District Accountability Committee (DAC)

The Board of Education respectfully requests the District Accountability Committee for Weld County School District RE-5J to accept the following charges to be completed during the 2018-19 school year.

  1. To review and discuss student growth and achievement across the Weld RE-5J School District.  To monitor district and building level implementation of goals for increasing achievement and reducing achievement gaps for all students in striving to meet all state and federal accreditation guidelines.
  2. To make recommendations to the Board of Education relative to the prioritization of expenditures of school district funds as required by   state and federal law.
  3. To continue to work in conjunction with the District’s Technology Committee in reviewing the District’s current K -12 Technology Plan and to make recommendations to the Board as to how to address future K-12 technology needs throughout the district.
  4. To provide feedback and make recommendations to the Board of Education concerning student and community growth in the development and adherence to a Master Plan.

The Board of Education extends continued thanks to the members of the District Accountability Committee for their commitment to improving educational programs offered to the students of the RE-5J School District.



2018 – 2019




BUSINESS PERSON                                                                          

Veronica Schlagel



Adrian Hampson                                              Milliken Middle School                                     

Samantha Vanzant                                          Milliken Elementary School                                            

Candice Stratton                                              Pioneer Ridge Elementary School                  

Celeste Coraggio                                             Knowledge Quest Academy                                        

Jessica Sanchez                                              Letford Elementary School     

John O’Brien                                                    Roosevelt High School

Nate Sassano                                                  Parent At-Large Member        



Angie Cooper                                                  Milliken Middle School                                    

Tracie Gunnufson                                            Letford Elementary School                            

Jody Urias                                                       Milliken Elementary School                            

Christy Duvall                                                  Pioneer Ridge Elementary School                  

Amber Humphrey                                            Roosevelt High School                                  

Patti Engel                                                       Knowledge Quest Academy                           



Nicholas Prochaska                                         Roosevelt High School                                   

Mariah Lang                                                    Roosevelt High School                                               



Kathy Salaz                                                     Letford Elementary School                             

Ron Hruby                                                       Milliken Middle School                                                

Trevor Long                                                     Roosevelt High School                                  

Tucker Willard                                                 Milliken Elementary School                            

Tami Kramer                                                   Pioneer Ridge Elem. School                           

Linda Spreitzer                                               Knowledge Quest Academy   

Chanin Gaona                                                Preschool Director


EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS                    

Michael Wailes                                                School Board Member and Board Liaison                  

Leslie Arnold                                                    Superintendent of Schools

Jason Seybert                                                 Assistant Superintendent and District Liaison                                                                                                   

(Note:  Ex-officio members are non-voting members of the DAC)