Weld RE5J School District

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Our Vision

Our Vision for Weld RE-5J Students

The mission and vision of the Weld RE-5J School District is to ensure our students are:


  • Able to achieve high expectations.
  • Set up for success and are prepared for college and/or career.
  • Proud of where they came from and where they went to school.
  • Life-long learners.


Our Aspirations

We aspire to be a district that:


  • Is guided by shared goals and a shared vision for educating our children.
  • Demonstrates excellence at every level.
  • Is fiscal and resource-responsible.
  • Seeks and invests in the most capable and talented staff.


Our Goals

To ensure the future we envision for our students, our goals are to:


  • Share stories of success that align with our vision and shine a positive light on our students and schools.
  • Cultivate a collaborative culture among board, leadership, buildings, staff, students, and parents.
  • Align curriculum, instruction, and professional development.
  • Conduct continuous improvement conversations based on assessments and evaluations that allow us to take stock of what is effective / ineffective.
  • Energize and engage our entire community in becoming an active part of the education process
  • Communicate with stakeholders about how they can support us.


Our Vision in Action


Priority Area: Accountability for Student Success

  • The Board of Education utilizes benchmark data to set educational goals for Weld RE-5J schools.
  • District leadership directs K-12 instructional practices.


Priority Area: Community Engagement

  • The Board of Education strives to increase the visibility and accessibility of the school board.
  • By the end of the 2017-2018 school year, the Board of Education will hold two community forums to present information, gather feedback, and strengthen relations with the community at large.


  • All Board of Education members will visit every school at least once per school year.
  • District leadership will issue a quarterly newsletter to parents and community members with important updates and information regarding our schools. To sign up to receive the district’s newsletter, please email listen@weldre5j.org


Priority Area: Resource Management


  • The Board of Education will engage in the 2018 legislative session to advocate on behalf of Weld RE-5J School District and to increase state-level district funding.
  • The Board of Education will align the 2018-2019 fiscal resources with student success targets with the 2018-2017 district budget.
  • The Board of Education will diligently and carefully consider 2018 bond and mill levy override ballot issues. The Board of Education will play a lead role in informing the community about the district’s funding needs.
  • District leadership will develop and present a 2018-2019 professional learning plan aligned to instructional priorities.
  • Updates on district spending will be included in the district’s quarterly newsletter.