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Performance Data

The Colorado Department of Education’s (CDE) district and school performance frameworks
provide a snapshot of each district’s academic achievement, growth, growth gaps, and
postsecondary readiness. The District Improvement Plan is a collection of data and
improvement strategies from our schools.
To view all Weld RE-5J School District performance and accountability data on the CDE’s
website, click here and then choose Johnstown-Milliken – 3110.
State Assessments Data: Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) – Colorado’s
standards-based assessments designed to provide a picture of student performance. Click here
to learn more about state assessments and to view upcoming assessment schedules.
Title III – Supplemental Supports for English Learners
National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) Results – a.k.a. “the Nation’s Report Card,”
is the only national assessment that measures what students know and can do in different
subject areas. NAEP provides results for the nation as a whole and for the states separately.