Weld RE5J School District

Nurse's Corner

Nurse's Corner

Marlene Gebhart is the School Nurse for LES, MES, PRE, MMS, & KQA

Ann Hess is the School Nurse for RHS, the Center Based Program, and Preschool Special Education

Your school nurse will be in your building 1 day per week, but will be available by phone all other school days. A health aide will be in the building on days the nurse is at other schools. You are welcome to speak to either of us about your child’s health concerns.

The district has adopted a plan to manage serious allergies at school.  If your child has a serious allergy, please contact your nurse for a copy of the form to take to your physician to complete. You may also speak to your school nurse to have it completed with your input and faxed to your physician for approval.  This plan is good for one school year and requires parent, nurse, and physician signatures.