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Assessment Administration

All state standardized assessments in Weld RE-5J are administered with an iPad.
The steps for administering the assessment are:
  1. Students must have the TestNav App
  2. Student must select the correct assessment area (Colorado)
  3. Test administrator/Proctor will read the script in the Test Administrator manual which includes:
    1. Student will log-in with their Pearson Testing Information (from the ticket)
    2. Student will complete sample questions (if applicable)
    3. Student will test in the allotted time
    4. Student will exit test when finished
How To Documents
How To Videos
Practice Sessions
Students can take sample tests prior to the administration of the State Assessments.
Teachers can setup and begin the sessions in the training session of Pearson AccessNext - https://trng.pearsonaccessnext.com/
Common Errors During Test Administration