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Kindergarten Transportation

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Kindergarten Routes - Elementary Schools


Each elementary school has a Kindergarten Route bus which runs mid-day, transporting AM and PM kindergartners:


AM kindergarten students ride in on a regular “color-coded” route bus in the morning, and then ride home on the mid-day Kindergarten Bus.

PM kindergartners ride in on the mid-day Kindergarten Bus, and then ride home on a regular “color-coded” route bus.

You will see the Kindergarten Route bus go through your neighborhood twice each day; the 1st trip picks up the PM Kindergartners and takes them to school. The second trip is bringing the AM Kindergarteners back home.

The Kindergarten Bus is not “color-coded” as it is the only bus operating mid-day for your school.


Kindergarten Schedules


            Kindergarten schedules for each elementary school are posted on the website.

            As the year progresses, adjustments may be made to these routes as students come and go. When and if this occurs, you will be notified by your driver.


Kindergarten Ride-Along - Friday, August 17, 2018


            Kindergarten Ride-Along is an opportunity for our new kindergarten students and their parents to meet their bus driver and take a practice ride prior to their first day of school. This ride-along date for school year 2018-2019 is Friday, August 17th. This is the only opportunity during the school year for you to ride with your child; so if there is any chance your child may need bus transportation to or from school during the year, we suggest that you take advantage of this ride-along.


            On this day, we pick up at the times listed for the PM Kindergarten route shown on the kindergarten schedule. We will pick up at each bus stop, proceed through the route, and end up at the elementary school. We will remain at the schools only a short time. We will then take everyone back to their stops. This entire process should take just over an hour. Sorry, but no siblings under 5 years of age are permitted.


Kindergarten Drop Offs


            When we bring your kindergartner home, we ask that they be met at the school bus door by an adult. We will not leave a kindergartner without an adult present. If there is not an adult to meet them, they will be taken back to their school.


            If you have any questions regarding transportation for your kindergartner, please do not hesitate to contact the Transportation Department at 587-4202.