Weld RE5J School District

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the 1:1 iPad Initiative

Does my student have to participate in the program?
  • Students in grades 4-12 will be utilizing an iPad at school.  If you choose to opt-out the iPad will only be utilized at school and the student will not be able to take the iPad home.
Does my student get to take the iPad home?
  • Yes, if the parent/guardian opts in on the 1:1 User Agreement, then yes, the student does get to take the iPad home on a nightly basis.  Taking the iPad home provides an opportunity for the student to complete assignments, do research, and access electronic curriculum and resources.
If I choose to opt-in or opt-out my student at the beginning of the year, can I change my mind later?
  • Yes.  If a parent/guardian decides to opt-in or opt-out at the beginning of the year, their decision can be reversed at any time.  Just notify the building principal the desire to change your selection, re-submit the agreement with the revised choice and the school will make the necessary the adjustments.
Does my student get to keep the iPad over the summer?
  • No, the iPads are checked in each May prior to the end of the school year.  Prior to checking the iPad in students will be walked through steps to back-up their data to the iCloud.
Damage and Loss
  • If a student damages, loses or is a victim of theft they must notify the building administrator as soon as possible and discuss the situation.  The iPad Student Agreement covers this issue in detail.
Internet Use at Home
  • Weld RE-5J does not provide access to the internet from home.  Many applications and programs that can be used on the iPad do not need internet, however, some apps will not work if there is not an internet connection.
If the student accesses the internet off of school grounds, is it filtered?
  • To promote internet safety for students at locations outside of the school, the district-issued device includes internet protection measures that are designed to block sites in a web browser (Safari, Chrome, etc) deemed inappropriate by the district.  However, the school cannot guarantee that these measures will effectively block access to all inappropriate sites.  Therefore, parents assume responsibility for monitoring student use of the device at all times from any location away from school.
Are there restrictions on the iPad?
  • Yes.  The district has placed some restrictions on the iPad to maximize its use in the classroom.  Some of these restrictions include not being able to access Facetime, ratings restrictions on music, movies and TV shows, and use of iMessage.  An additional restriction is that students cannot make "in app purchases" from the iPad.  Apps that are above the rating of 9+ will not be able to be downloaded to the iPad.
Can the district 'track' my student?
  • No.  The student will turn on the feature, 'Find My iPhone,' however this is with their own iTunes account in which the district does not have the account information. 
Does my student need an iTunes Account?
  • Yes. In order for the student to download apps at school, either free or purchased by the district, they will need to know the email address and password for an iTunes account. It is possible to create an account without a credit card attached to it.  
Can my student utilize an already existing iTunes Account?  Can my children share an iTunes account?
  • Yes.  If your family or student already has an iTunes account, that account can be used.  Additionally, multiple students within a family can utilize the same iTunes account.  The iTunes account a parent/guardian chooses to allow their student to use does not need to be linked to the district in any way, the student just needs to know the Apple ID and password to download apps.
Is There a Fee?
  • Students and their families do not need to pay a fee before receiving the student receives the iPad.  However, if the iPad is damaged or stolen, there is a fee.
Who buys the apps for students to use?
  • If a student is required to use a paid app for school, the app will be purchased with district funds and sent out to all students who need it utilizing the Mobile Device Management program that is installed on all student iPads.  When the app is sent to the student's iPad they are to log-in to their iTunes Account and download it with no charge to the student.
  • Students will have the ability to download additional apps on their own with their Apple ID.
What if my iPad isn't working?
  • If the iPad stops working, contact the student's teacher directly and follow the building procedures to get the iPad looked at by the district technology team.
If my student already has an iPad can they use their own instead of the district issued iPad?
  • Yes.  Students may utilize their own personal iPad, however, they must allow the district to install a Mobile Device Management (MDM) Profile, Lightspeed, on the iPad.  The MDM allows the district to install restrictions, proxy filter the internet, send out apps and web clips to the iPad and manage the device in a classroom setting.