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Each year schools across the state of Colorado are required to administer the Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS).  CMAS is an assessment designed to measure student mastery of the Colorado Academic Standards.  CMAS includes testing in English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies in grades 3-8 and Science and Social Studies only in 11th grade.  9-11th graders take the SAT suite of assessments.
Weld RE-5J School District was not selected to administer any Social Studies assessments during the 2018-19 school year.
The window in which schools across Weld RE-5J will administer the CMAS and SAT Assessments is April 1-26.  The number of units and time for each unit of the assessments are determined by the Colorado Department of Education. The total amount of time spent participating on the various standardized tests are listed below in the table from the Colorado Department of Education.
All of the state standardized assessments provide information to teachers as they incorporate the content standards in their daily instruction. CMAS results are also used for school and district accountability.  The results are additionally used for instructional planning, class placement, and academic screening.  Below is attached a document from the Colorado Department of Education that discusses the Role of State Assessments in Increasing Academic Achievement.
On March 7, 2018 the Weld RE-5J School Board adopted a resolution (which can be found below) supporting participation in the CMAS assessments due the data and information that is received from it.
The schedule for each school's assessment window will be posted in January 2019.  Those schedules will also show the amount of time students will be engaged in the state assessments.
Additionally, Weld RE-5J does administer a standardized assessment, NWEA MAP Growth to students in grades 3-11 in Reading, Language Arts and Math and only Math in grades K-2.
Per the Read Act, Weld RE-5J administers the DIBELS assessment to all students in grades K-3.
The testing windows for NWEA MAP Growth and DIBELS can be found below on the document - Weld RE-5J Local Assessments.
State law does allow parents to opt-out their student(s) out from the state standardized assessments (CMAS and SAT Suite of Assessments) and the appropriate opt-out form will be available below as the state testing window nears.
School Specific Testing Schedules: