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Apple ID Information

An Apple ID is utilized by families and students to download certain educational apps and, if a family wants to, track the iPad through the Find My iPad Feature.
Apple IDs are best setup once the student receives the iPad.
For families that already have an Apple ID, they may want to use Apple's Family Sharing feature.  This allows a parent to create a student's account and manage it themselves.  Information on how utilize and setup Family Sharing can be found here:
If you are setting up an Apple ID and do not want to connect it to any sort of payment method, instructions on creating and setting up an Apple ID without a payment method can be found here:
In order to manage an already created Apple ID, information and links on doing so, can be found here:
Many families throughout the school district find different ways to manage the Apple ID on their own.  Families are free to manage the security of it in any way they see fit, including only downloading apps at home.  Just be sure to communicate with your teacher how you want to manage the Apple ID so they are aware and can plan ahead.
Want to change an email address associated with an Apple ID?
Instructions can be found below or simply go to this site and manage all aspects of your Apple ID: https://appleid.apple.com/#!